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    NZUSA Campaign to Give Cost of Living Adjustments to Students Gains Traction

    Last month NZUSA released information showing that students throughout the country face increasing housing costs but those receiving student allowances – by definition those who come from the most deprived backgrounds – have been missing out due to an arbitrarily imposed cap.

    This month six political parties represented in parliament pledged to support our call for a review of the unjust system.

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    The 2014 Budget: Government locks in cuts and continues to lock out students

    15 May 2014

    Despite posting their first surplus, the National Government has continued to deprive students from much needed support.

    After five consecutive deficit budgets, the National Government announced today a return to surplus. Finance Minister Bill English has forecasted an operating surplus of $372 million which should have translated into increased investment into education. The underfunded sector should be at the front of the line to receive the spoils of a boom economy. However, students have again missed out on much needed support.

    Student support remains frozen, with the student loan repayment threshold flat lining. “Since 2012, any domestic student after earning above $19,084 must make compulsory 12 cents in the dollar repayments on their student loan”, says Daniel Haines, New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) President. 

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    Students Suffer As Support Fails to Keep Pace With Rent Increases.

    12 May 2014

    Press Release: New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations

    Students are suffering as the support they are entitled to for help with housing costs fails to keep pace with skyrocketing rents, according to research released today by the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA).

    NZUSA is calling for the lifting of the restriction that limits the support students can get to keep pace with rising housing costs.

    A student allowance includes an element for help with rent, but on a different basis than all other low income New Zealanders. However, housing support for students is capped at a maximum of $40 per week, and has been since 2001. In contrast, the Accommodation Supplement – that everyone who is not a student is entitled to – provides support of up to $145 per week if you live in certain parts of Auckland, and $100 per week if you live in other expensive places such as Wellington or Hamilton.

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