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Govt cuts $60m from regional polytechs

In the last five years the Government has cut over $60m from regional polytechnics.

Polytechs are the lifeblood of local communities. They’re where dreams are made, families strive to better themselves and local economies are built. The Government’s 20 per cent cut during a recession is the wrong approach to grow the economy.

Worst still, these cuts have been made while costs faced by polytechs have gone up 8.7 per cent over the same period.
The first step in overturning these savage cuts is letting people know about them.
Head to to see how these and other cuts have impacted on students, staff and local communities.
Because $60m might not be a lot to the politicians, but it all adds up.


Another $1m gone in Budget 2015

After $60m of cuts in the last 7 years, you think National would leave our polytechs alone? Instead they’ve taken the knife to them again. Expect cuts to what’s available to study near you soon.


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