Student Voice

NZUSA has been on the cutting edge of research that has proved that students are critical for the quality enhancement of the student experience in New Zealand.

In 2012 NZUSA and Ako Aotearoa worked in partnership on a project called the "Student Voice in Tertiary Education Settings: Quality Systems in Practice". 

One of the aims of the research was to identify pre-conditions for the effective operation of systems that allow/ facilitate a representative student voice to have an impact in quality enhancement. Those pre-conditions have now been summarised into a table of five practice features and indicators of good practice in action.

In addition the Student Voice research report has produced six sets of reflective questions (29 in total) that align to six major themes of the research:

  1. Establishing the partnership in which the student voice is to be heard
  2. Legitimising the student voice
  3. Establishing clear roles for those delivering the student voice
  4. Providing training for those delivering the student voice
  5. Providing adequate resources for supporting the student voice
  6. Hearing and heeding the student voice 


  1. Student Voice Reflective Questions
  2. Best Practice indicators for Student Voice


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