Student Debt

Student leaders today are horrified at information released under the Official Information Act that forecasts student debt reaching a staggering 20 billion by 2022.


“The amount of debt that students and graduates owe in New Zealand has been an ongoing issue for New Zealand society since the student loan scheme was first introduced. The fact that previous Governments, both Labour and National have allowed it to balloon out of control like this shows a serious lack of responsibility on our political leaders to address this issue is a clear dereliction of duty to New Zealand “ said Jordan King, Co-President of New Zealand Union of Students’ Association.


“How big will the problem of student debt get before the Government makes some serious and wider reaching changes to stop this out of control problem.”


“Education is so important to our success as a society – this 20 billion dollar debt is effectively a mortgage on a generation of New Zealander’s future.”


“At a time where the new draft education strategy hints at the possibility of significant fee increases, it would be absolyely irresponsible for the Goveremnt to go down this route, given the information released today.”


“We call on the Government to urgently address this issue”