The Student Voice: Effective Representation and Quality

About the project

Click on the image to download the project report (1.3MB .PDF)In 2012, Ako Aotearoa and the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations commissioned Heathrose Research Ltd. to undertake research into how tertiary organisations can effectively use the voice of students to improve quality of provision.

This project centred on nine case studies with a diverse range of organisations: two universities, four ITPs, one wānanga, and two PTEs.  Together, these organisations represent some of the diversity to be found across our tertiary system. They serve a variety of different populations and serve different mixes of learners, focus on different types and level of education, and range in size from very large to very small.

The work involved analysing these cases, exploring relevant literature, and input from an expert steering group.  This has resulted in the identification of features and indicators of good practice, key themes to address when making use of the student voice, and a set of reflective questions. These will assist organisations to consider the way in which they currently use the student voice to ensure the quality of learning experiences, and how they might use it more effectively it in the future.


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