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New national student leaders for 2011

Tertiary students will study this year backed up by strong national representation.

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) has new national officers for 2011. David Do and Max Hardy are the NZUSA co-Presidents, and Caitlin Dunham the NZUSA National Women’s Rights Officer.

David continues as NZUSA co-President from last year. He was the 2008 president of the Auckland University Students’ Association, and its 2007 Education Vice President. He was also its Welfare Officer between October 2004 and 2006. He has recently completed an Honours degree in Political Studies from Auckland University.

“As long as students are forced to borrow to live and the cost of education keeps rising, we have plenty of work to do. This year we will campaign aggressively for a fairer tertiary system where all students can access high quality education, are properly supported while they are studying, and aren’t forced to graduate with crippling debt,” says Do.

Max was President of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association(VUWSA) in 2010 and was Administrative Vice-President before that. He has studied Law and History at Victoria University.

“New Zealand should have an outstanding tertiary education system delivering quality student focused education. We will work hard with students’ associations to put quality education in the spotlight,” says Hardy.

“Students should be listened to and respected by institutions and government; however we face a great threat to achieving this goal. The Act Party’s Bill, which would end universal student membership of students’ associations, would severely weaken the ability for students to have a say in their own education. Students will strongly resist this attack on their voice in 2011,” says Hardy.

Caitlin was the 2010 Women’s Rights Officer at Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association. She is currently finishing her Honours degree in Classics

“Despite women students doing well in terms of participation, they continue to face difficulties in non-traditional areas, sexual harassment and assault, as well as a significant gender pay gap upon graduation,” says Dunham.

“We are all excited about the potential for the student movement to achieve positive change and results for students this election year,” concludes Do.

Note: NZUSA is the national representative body for tertiary students and has been advocating on student issues since 1929. NZUSA is a federation of 14 students’ associations. Annually, student association representatives from around the country elect three Federation Officers (2 Co-Presidents and a National Women’s Rights Officer) at NZUSA’s September/October conference, who undertake the Associations daily business and represent tertiary students at a national level the following year.


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