Experience in Tertiary Accommodation

In response to the tragic death at Sonoda Village, University of Canterbury, the Government is implementing a Code of Practice for Tertiary Accommodation. Among others, NZUSA will have input into this process.

We are wanting to hear from you about your experience with tertiary accommodation. 

To guide your thoughts, here are a few topics to think about:

  • Do you believe the level of care you received was what you were expecting/told you would receive? Was it up to the standard you were after? What do you believe could be done better?
  • What support networks were there? E.g. R.A.'s, live in tutors, heads or halls. Do you believe there was enough support, too much or just enough? Why?
  • What did you think of the living standards? E.g. was it clean and tidy when you got there?
  • What could have been done to improve your experience? 

Unless otherwise specified, all of your information will be anonymous but your stories and experience will be shared to ensure the Code of Practice is what is needed for students.