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Student Guide to Voting

NZUSA Policy Matrix


Voted Sticker

Lorde on voting


Lorde needs you to use your vote


Tertiary Education

These MPs benefited from free education before fees were introduced in 1989. 

 Sometimes it's a race to the bottom



Lee Child on Education 

Student Support 

 Steven Joyce has a vision for tertiary education after all.

Steven Joyce believes student support 'is about right' but the cap on the accommodation benefit has not been adjusted since 2001 meaning as the real cost in rent increases students get less money in their pockets each week. 

Student support cuts deny opportunity 

 The Green Party of Aotearoa have announced they will reinstate postgraduate allowances


Restoration of Postgraduate Allowances - Yeah Nah. 

 A first degree shouldn't cost a second mortgage 

Education cuts don't heal


A fixed $40 accommodation benefit isn't fair. 

Changes to the governance arrangements of wānanga and universities

The Education Amendment Bill (No 2) will remove guaranteed staff and student representation


Flip-Flip Joyce

Budget 2014

We reached our surplus by cutting student support


The budget has been balanced 


Am I out of Touch

Overseas based borrowers


The average student loan is $19,076 


Student Voice

Nothing about us without us. 


Use your student vote, pledge to vote

Māori language week

Rise up and make your vote count

I have heard a prayer


Let your voice hear


The voice of New Zealand's 400,000 students.

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations exists to advance the political, social and economic interests of tertiary students whatever they study and wherever they live. NZUSA is a membership body of local students' associatons. We believe in opportunity for all.

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